DiscoverSTEAM Foundation facilitates the development of real world curriculum in collaboration with corporations.  This allows companies to not only invest in their communities but also to make curriculum more relevant, while getting access to a fresh talent pool who already have an understanding of their company culture.  This method brings practical education to students and solidifies their learning.  Corporations can use our interactive mentorship platform to nurture their employee satisfaction program.  

We are the bridge that brings your product to market faster & better



Having the best cutting technology to improve the education world is not enough. Turning a great concept into a viable product that customers will buy year after year requires opening doors to find the right people to work with you on product, strategy, funding, customers and more. Most incubators and accelerators will shy away from you. Tell you that you are too early, too crazy, too impossible. Well, that's what makes us the best at what we do. Roll up your sleeves and reach out. Let's build your company together.  Why? Because if you have drive and tenacity, we have a framework to help you get to the finish line, in a way that matters.  Not just for revenue, but to make this world a better place, because we believe you can...

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We are grateful to the following Partners, who are actively involved in the creation of immersive education programs, which have tremendous impact on today's youth.



We are grateful to the following Sponsors, who have committed to the mission of improving access, effectiveness, and quality of education around the globe.

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