We have enormous respect for the work that you do.  At DiscoverSTEAM, our goal is to enable you with powerful programs that make your job feasible.  We never want to hinder you with more work, which is why we seek programs that are simple to implement and scale across entire districts.  Innovation is useless without the crucial feedback of the end users.  We provide the feedback loop for you to engage with EdTech collaborators who are bringing these incredible programs to market.  

Educators hold their passion for teaching for life. Doesn't matter where you are in life. We work hard with teachers and educators to make sure the programs and their content really makes life easier for you. We are always looking for talent to help us make our programs and courses more immersive, easy to follow, review the work others have done or just start from scratch. Please reach out to explore all the career or project engagement opportunities. You can impact hundreds of schools nationwide with the work you do with us.

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We understand how hard you work to find the best programs, courses and technologies for your schools. We are here to help. Please send in your requests of what you are looking for: courses, programs, a system or tech that would your lives better. We work everyday with startups, corporations, educators and students to build the most immersive human-centric content to prepare your students for the real world.

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