Career Choices

Since a four-year college program is not a one size fits all, we work with corporations to bring valuable career training courses that lead to employment upon graduation from high school. 

There are many paths to success

Biotech Lab Certification

Students explore biological processes and the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibodies.  Certification attained after completing 3 courses taken over 3 years. 

Real Estate Certification

Students learn the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of real estate.  Eligible for taking the licensing exam after 3 courses over 3 years.

AV Film Certification

Students gain a well rounded understanding of audio, video, and film technology through labs and practical application during a production.  Certification attained after completing 3 courses taken over 3 years. 

Teacher Education Certification

Learn the processes of facilitating training and learning, as well as the acquisition of knowledge, beliefs, values, skills, and habits. Certification attained after completion of 5 courses taken over 4 years.

Coming Soon

Have an idea for an immersive educational program?  We would love to facilitate that. 

Life & Health Science Certification

Understanding therapeutic services in the medical industry by working towards certification as a nurse, pharmacist, or a medical assistant.   Certification completed after completing 5 courses taken over 4 years.