We Are Innovators

The people that make up this consortium each have unique education and career paths that drives them to be change makers in their respective industries as well as in education. Our backgrounds in business, technology, and education put us in a unique position to properly connect cutting edge educational technology with schools and programs that critically need them. We have spent the past 4 years trailblazing a path and process to finally address the foundational challenges we face with our ever-evolving world.

Our Why

We believe that students and educators aren’t equipped with the right tools to adapt and understand the changing ecosystem of the world. Our programs harness students’ imagination & curiosity to prepare them for real-world success by bringing modernized education solutions to market via a consortium of corporations, educators and students.

How We Do It

Through our expertise, we have created a refinery that finds the most valuable technology and connects it with educators that are eager for innovation in their classrooms. Through this methodology, we have an accelerated sales and deployment process that allows organizations and schools to quickly determine and create new products.

Board Members