Facilitating rapid go to market solutions for EdTech products & programs

Our Impact

We have created a refinery that finds the most valuable technology and connects it with educators that are eager for innovation in their classrooms. Through this methodology, we have an accelerated sales and deployment process that allows organizations and schools to quickly determine and create new products.

We harness students' imagination and curiosity to prepare them for real world success by escalating modernized education solutions via a consortium of  educators, corporations, and students.

We are committed to promoting hands-on immersion methods that increase attention and retention. Whether that is AR or VR or another tried and true method, our goal is to help you reach ALL of your students with an 10/80/10 solution. 

We partner with innovators and  corporations for a full turn key solution. Providing faster go-to-market capabilities, we foster effective solutions to Ed-Tech challenges.

We share a passion for better teaching solutions.  We are dedicated to providing you with an immersive education that removes all barriers and exposes you to cultures and experiences beyond your own.

Our Programs

Image by Hal Gatewood

Medical Minecraft

K-12 Immersion

Featured at Austin Independent School District, students explore anatomy and physiology through the creation of a video game.

Image by Franck V.

Robotics Design

K-12 Immersion

Students design and build a responsive robot in this engaging class, currently featured at Westlake High School.

Image by Takashi Watanabe

Smart City Solutions

K-12 Immersion

Westlake High students are discovering the importance of Blockchain and IoT in the development of smart cities

Our Process